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Inktober Horror Film Postcards

£0.50 / On Sale

This listing is for ONE postcard, please choose from the options.

For Inktober 2015 I created some ink drawings inspired by some of my favorite horror movie characters! I've had the best printed on postcards, perfect to put on your wall, note-board, fridge or to send to friends!

Please take a look at all the options, including:
• The Frighteners
• They Live
• Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil
• The Evil Dead
• Insidious
• Trick R Treat
• The Thing
• Alien
• Hocus Pocus

For a better look at the designs please visit, http://sarahcrosbyillustration.co.uk/inktober-2015/

Printed on matte laminate 350gsm premium card.